What the Heck is a Gaming Server

What the Heck is a Gaming Server

Have you ever wondered how your brother or child plays the games that they do? Especially a game online, thinking where does all of this info get stored? Well, the short answer is an online gaming server. The long answer is much more complex.

Using low-latency hardware and coding, the purpose of a gaming server is to transcribe the information from the source to the gaming device so that instead of having to buy a physical copy of a game, the majority of the data required to run the game is handled through the gaming company and dished out to the player.

Video Source

Depending on the type of hardware a company uses, this allows games to be played at 4k, running up to 60 frames per second. This makes the image that is being played seemingly run extremely smooth. This could be whittled down to the difference between watching a movie in the ’50s and watching a movie today, the gameplay being much clearer because advances in technology allow for more frames, or images, to be strung more tightly together, not allowing the lapses you would see in older imaging technology.

This is why games like Minecraft run so smoothly because the hosting company uses an online gaming server to convey the information to the gaming device of you, or your relatives, choosing. Now, when the game is running a bit slow, this might make you decide to opt into a Minecraft private server to clear up some of the traffic you would have playing on the companies server.


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