Hosting a Vanilla Server for Minecraft

Hosting a Vanilla Server for Minecraft

In this video, you will learn about minecraft server hosting. Here are a few steps when creating a Minecraft server. It is becoming more and more popular to create your own server.

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First, you are going to want to open a new folder on your desktop anywhere that you’ll want to run the program. You can name the server anything, but for this purpose, we are going to name it Server 1.6. The new folder you create is going to be the directory where you put all of your other files. Next, you are going to go to and you are going to download data. Right on the website, we can find this. Depending on your software, there will be an automatic download button right at the bottom of the download page. It is going to be for Java, so you will want to download that. There will be a couple of download links, but you are going to want to click the first link you see. This way, it will download the Java edition of the program. If you are using Google Chrome which is recommended, it is going to tell you that this type of file is going to harm your computer.

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