What Exactly Is a Layer 3 Network?

What Exactly Is a Layer 3 Network?

Networking is a complex process that requires a variety of different processes and services. In this informative and detailed video, you will learn about layer 3 services and how they operate. This information will make it easier for you to process various computing elements and minimize any complications you might experience when trying to master networking for yourself or your clients and their needs.

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You’ll start by learning what layer 3 services represent: a type of external network based on forwarding traffic through logical addresses. It focuses heavily on IP addresses, including Ipv4 and Ipv6, two of the most common types of addresses. Importantly, you’ll learn about route discovery, multi-flexing strategies, and how switching differs from switches: very important points for network management.

Use this video and its information to get a better grasp of layer 3 services for your needs. Just as importantly, read up on more detailed data, such as proper service implementation, as well as layer 1 and layer 2 services. Specialized training may help you get a firmer understanding of these elements, though you can start here to get the leg-up you need to start processing network data more effectively.


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