The Purposes of NEMA Power Cords

The Purposes of NEMA Power Cords

What is a NEMA power cord? NEMA stands for the US National Electrical Manufacturers Association. This means that a NEMA power cord has a power plug used for alternating current means throughout North America and other areas and countries that utilize the NEMA standards. Depending on the need it is for, there are many types of NEMA power cords that have different NEMA connectors.

Check out the YouTube video below. It discusses NEMA power cords and their uses by showing us how to plug in particular NEMA power cords in certain outlets.

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NEMA power cords are used for a variety of purposes. Some are used in typical consumer electric products while others are used in highly industrial settings. NEMA power cords can also be seen for small appliances, like a hair dryer or a lamp. Some NEMA power cords are used for clothes dryers of the electric variety as well as electric stoves. Surprisingly, NEMA power cords can also be used to power large RVs in recreational vehicle parks!

Seemingly enough, there are NEMA power cords for a variety of devices and electrical appliances. Call in a professional to set up the cords so an accident doesn’t occur.

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