The Basics Tools of Becoming a Jewelry Designer

The Basics Tools of Becoming a Jewelry Designer

A jeweler has a lot on their plate when it comes to creation and production. No only do jewelers need to have an expansive knowledge on stones and what to look for in the quality of a piece, they also need to be able to suggest designs for individual clients. Jewelry designers, on the other hand, work backwards.

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They start with the trends and individual styles, and create genuine art from there. Being a jewelry designer is no easy feat, and there are a lot of different tools you need to get a leg up in the industry. In this video, we will look at what technology, schooling, and tools are needed to become a professional jeweler.

Working in the jewelry industry requires more trade experience than formal education. While a degree in jewelry design won’t hurt, employers deeply value experience on the bench or in sales. A huge part of the jewelry world is multitasking, so work hard to hone your sales and teamwork skills. Additionally, potential jewelers need to be well-versed in several different types of stones. They need to be able to judge using a microscope or magnifying glass which stones may be fake.


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