Understanding Waste Water Treatment

Understanding Waste Water Treatment

A topic many people tend to avoid, wastewater treatment is a valuable tool that allows for the reuse of water. The process is common in every part of the United States but isn’t discussed often due to its nature. Understanding the process can remove the stigma that surrounds it, allowing more people to see the true value it brings to the country.

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Take New York City, for example, one of the large cities in the world. The city is home to 14 different wastewater treatment plants. These plants handle a combined total of 1.3 billion gallons of water a day.

For the United States, there are roughly 14,746 plants all across the nation that directly impact 76% of the total population.

The first step of the process are bar screens. These handle larger items that are mixed into the stage. They help to remove the items from the water, making them easier to process. They are typically raked at different times based on the flow of heavy debris that comes through the machine.

The next phase is the grit chamber. Grit chambers handle debris and dirt, anything too small for the bar screens.

For additional information on the wastewater treatment process, please review the attached video.


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