Fiber Cabling for Businesses

Fiber Cabling for Businesses

To connect our client’s expansion, our Philadelphia team has recently installed Armored Fiber in a Warehouse with Data Cabling. On the production floor, some of the wiring was for APs, or Wireless Access Points. To shield exposed CAT6 wiring from the customary “abuse” of heavy-duty operations, stalks of EMT and typically 10FT were used. On the factory’s second floor, a row of offices, the new installation was completed. The wiring and labeling were simply installed in the factory’s offices using conventional drywall.

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Fiber OM3 protected cabling was used to connect the IDF to their existing MDF. With service coils into a 1U Fiber Relay panel, this draw was 650 feet long.

What you should think about:

For both homes and businesses, fiber cabling can provide lightning-fast data transfer. Fibers use light rather than electricity to transmit data, resulting in faster internet connections that can handle much more bandwidth.

Security camera systems, broadband, communications networks, and computer networks can all be connected via fiber cabling. It is capable of handling large amounts of data, making it an excellent choice for a variety of larger enterprises. Another advantage of fiber cabling is that it allows for clearer phone calls due to the reduced signal loss.

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